Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat?

Halloween is my new favorite holiday. Having kids makes it so much more fun. This year was so much fun, now that the kids are able to walk around and get the concept of Trick or Treating. In Ellensburg, all the downtown businesses hand candy out and it starts at 3pm, which i perfect for us...still light out and we can be home to hand out candy at our house. The kids immediately figured out how to Trick or Treat. Cash was more of a wild man (hence the lion costume), he loved to run around and was in his own little world, where as Presley, was VERY serious. She knew exactly what to do. She walked right up and took a piece of candy (2-3 pieces if she could and usually she did bc everyone thought she was so cute!).

This is one of my favorite photos. I am going to definately get this blown up. How cute.

The newspaper in town takes pics of all the kids, then publishes them in their newspaper the next day.

They loved playing with all their candy after we got home.

Presley was already in the candy this morning, she had Junior Mints for breakfast. So delicious.
Halloween is also Travis's birthday. He turned 31. It's hard bc it's kind of overshadowed by the kids, but after the kids went down, he got all dressed up as a sumo wrestler and went out with his friends. I stayed behind and was asleep by 9pm...i know, i am such a wild women. He was home by 12:30. Life has changed. We love it though.