Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2nd Trimester...

So, with the twins, the first trimester was terrrible. I was so tired and sick. With this pregnancy, I've actually felt pretty good with just a few spells of nausea and I have had lots of energy. But, now I feel like I've been hit by a truck. I am so tired and I have had a stomach ache since yesterday. Not fun, especially when you have 2 little rugrats to run after....thank god they play with each other and stay entertained.

I had a dr. appt yesterday. I heard the heartbeat, which I forgot how amazing it is. It was such a strong little beater. Got weighed...which is my LEAST favorite part and I always make my appts in the morning, before I eat and wear leggings and a T, but 2 pounds crept on in the past 4 weeks. Oh well. Other than that, it's going good. I have yet to start show, but I am waiting. With the twinnies, I couldn't button my pants at this time, but obviously this one will be different, since there is only 1. But now when I button my pants, it just looks like I got muffin top, so I probably have a few more weeks left until I have to bring out the belly band.

I found myself looking at maternity colthes online at Gap today. I actually only bought a pair of jeans with the twinnies, so I've never bought any maternity clothes. I think I'll probably do the same thing I did last time, lots of leggings, sweats and sweaters. But, surprisingly, maternity clothes are pretty cute!! I like that the tops are super long.

I am still trying to figure out whether or not to find out the sex. Travis wants it to be a surprise, but I HATE surprises. I am one of those people who will still peak at Xmas presents, so waiting until birth to find out is a foreign concept to me, so we'll see. Ultimately, I think I have the decision. I have to carry it, give birth, breast feed, get up in the middle of the night, so of course I have the say. I might just find out and keep it a secret. Who knows..... It's so exciting.

The whole concept of having another baby has been hard to set in. I have my moments where I can't wait, like when I go visit baby Reece and he's the most precious little baby, but then other times when I think about being pregnant until May, that just seems like a really long time. The twinnies are at the age where it's getting easier, we can leave them with a sitter and they are so good, they take good naps, they sleep really good, they can communicate with us and then to go back to an infant is going to be a hard transisiton.

Anyways, that's my little update. I gotta feed the twinnies now, we have gymnastics at 10am.


Anonymous said...

Ugh - I'm a guy and I need a longer "top" (i.e. shirt) because my butt crack is always hanging out, no matter what jeans or pants I wear!