Friday, November 20, 2009

Random Pics of the kiddos.

Travis has taken the camera I normally use to work, so I've been bad about taking pics. Also, we've been hibernating in the house until the twins get their 2nd H1N1 vaccine, so we've been lacking on the picture taking, but we have been doing lots of dancing. The twinnies love to dance. Presley loves to dance with Cash. It's so cute. Having twins is simply the best. They always have a playmate. You can tell they just love each other so much. If one of them gets up before the other, they'll stand outside the crib trying to wake the other. If Cash is sad, she'll rub his back or hand him his binky. It's the cutest little bond. I love it.

He's a master of getting to everything on the counter. He'll bring a chair or whatever he can find to stand on. In this particular pic, he wanted a banana. So, he started to grab at them and eat them with the peel on. Yesterday, we made cookies and when I would turn my back, he'd grab cookies. So, my days of having anything on the counters are now over!