Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sweet Babies turn into to Monsters.

Presley's new word is "NO". It's actually not new, but if you ask her a question, her response is 99.9% of the time, "NO".

For example:

Dad: Hey Presley, did you poop your pants?
Dad: Are you lying?

Just after we watched her hunched over and grunting while her face was turning red. Seriously, my kids could care less if they have a load in there pants. It's like wrestling a wild hyena trying to change their pants. I never thought changing their diapers, you'd start to sweat and actually get sore. So, if they want to run around with a load, then so be it....less sweat on my part.

I think to myself many many many times a day, "When do your children start listening to you?" Then I quickly remembered.....NEVER. Oh shit, we have a LONG road in front of us. Fun times.

Today we also came to the conclusion that there will be no more eating out with the children in restaurants. We went out to breakfast this morning and there was a table of 8 teenagers next to us, probably very hungover. Meanwhile, they have our lovely family sitting next to them as Cash is tugging on one of the guys coat, yelling "Booyah", trying to fist bump him. I am sure we were a giant dose of birth control. Take out is all we get or if we're lucky, a babysitter. Sad...since eating out is one of my favorite hobbies.

Also, this daylight savings time is killing me, it's 6:50 and it's feels like 10 and we still have an hour and 10 minutes until bedtime. AHhhhhhhhhhhh......

Now, I have to get to cleaning my kitchen for the 1, 234, 456th time today. Ahhhhhhh....


thuriks said...

Your post is making me laugh. Just last night my hubby and I were asking each other if our kids seem oddly more crazy than other kids at their age. As twins I think they feed off of each other. Will we ever get to the point of being able to finish our dinner before they start screaming after only being in their high chairs for 5mins? I don't know. I do know it is 100% exhausting?!!!! You are not along my friend. I am also cleaning my kitchen & counting down till nap time. With DLS if feels like the day is moving VERY slowly.

Shaina said...

I totally agree about DLS, I am thinking we just need to keep it at Standard time year round. I don't think the person in charge realizes how it affects all kids - they all become little terrors!

I used to love going out to eat too, but now its just a waste of time. I might as well be at home cleaning my own floor/house instead of the dang restaurant. Emmett is really into throwing food right now. I am thinking of just feeding him in the bathtub from now on!

Jen said...

Funny post, Katie! I know some days are tough but it sounds like you do a pretty great job for having twins. Just think, the next one will be simple! Congrats again x