Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Afternoon at the Park.

Since we'll be leaving these little twinnies on Wednesday, I want to get as much fun time in with them before we leave. It's going to be so hard, I just can't even start to think about it.

Such a cute pair of twinnies. After the park we had to pick up a few things at Fred Meyer and a woman had come up to us to tell us that she was twin and her mom had had 17 kids and within the 17 kids, 3 sets of twins. Can you just imagine have 3 sets of twins?? Or 17 kids??


thuriks said...

NO I cannot imagine even having more than 1 set of twins! That would be enough to drive most normal people crazy!!! Have the best time on your trip you deserve ever minute of relaxation & alone time. Think of how excited you will be to see them when you get back?!!! Have fun!