Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Rewind.

I already feel like this summer is going to go by so fast. We spent this weekend trying to get stuff done around the house. We went to the nursery on Saturday morning and picked out lots of new bushes and flowers to plant in our yard. So, we spent the day doing! Not really, for those who know me, know I hate yard work. During my yardwork, I was cleaning out and racking out from under a few of our trees and I found $21!! Yea, what a great added bonus! It was so nice out, so I already started on my tan, well it was more of a burn/tan, but it's color and it'll work! Then Sunday, we actually started to organize our garage! For those who have been to our house, know it's quite an accomplishment!!! Anyways.....between yardwork and cleaning the garage we managed to fit in a few fun things to do......
On Sunday we went and helped Brock and George celebrate their 1st birthday. It was 85 degrees outside. The kids loved being around everyone and had soooo much fun!! Here they are trying out all the new presents.
Mommy and Cash.

Presley in her sun hat.

Giving daddy some grass.

Cash and his baseball bat...he's obsessed with bats.

In the wagon....

Then on Saturday, Daddy took the twinnies to our Nephew, Ben's, baseball game. He's a senior at Ellensburg High School and since Travis was a baseball player, he loves to go to the games. He's good about taking the kids, then I have some time to get stuff done. Here is Cash playing baseball (again, he's obsessed) with Cousin Gavin.

More baseball...doesn't he look manly with his binky in his mouth.

Presley enjoys her noise maker, rather than a baseball bat.