Sunday, May 3, 2009

Amber's Baby Shower.

Today we ventured over Auntie Ali's house for Amber's shower. Little Macy McCoy will be here in just 5 weeks! We showered Amber with lots and lots of gifts. I forgot how fun little girl stuff is, since EVERYONE I know has boys. Amber and I became friends at CWU and met through Alison. We used to have lots and lots of fun together, so it's fun to see us all as mommy's now! Carol, Me, Shannon, Amber, Erica and Ali. We forgot to take a group pic until the very end, so we weren't able to get everyone in. After the pic was taken, it's obvious that i am in dire need of a spray tan. O' sunshine, where are you?
Cash decided that he was going to first sit on the gifts, then right after this pic, he stood up and danced on the gift. Thank goodness it wasn't breakable.
Ali w/ Carterbug and Presley.

Presley giving Carter lots of love....she's full of hugs and kisses for babies!

Such a handson baby boy!


Wenni Donna said...

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