Saturday, May 23, 2009

Weekend Update....

I made it 1 night camping.....Cash was up at 5am, we all were up by 6am, then I packed up my stuff, the kids's stuff and we left by 6:15am. Travis brought us home and now I am in the comfort of my air conditioned home, showered, and eating a nice meal, that doesn't consist of a hot dog!

We got to the camping spot around 4pm. The kids had fun playing, got extremely dirty, and wore themselves out. They went to bed perfectly at 9pm in the play 'n pacs, then we sat around the campfire until around 11pm. I FROZE my a*& off last night and even the ear plugs couldn't muffle out the sound of our furnace going on in the camper. Then, at 5am, Cash was up and I woke up with a stuffed nose, sore throat and glands. I told Travis, "If you bring me home, you can come back up and stay." So, him thinking he has a kid/wife free night, drinking Black Velvet and staying up till 4am, of course he jumped at the opportunity.

I enjoyed the 80 degree day playing with the kiddos and now we are eating yummy dino nuggets.....(it's funny to think about how simple my life has become) I only have a few more nights with them before Travis and I are in Palm Springs, kid free for 5 days!!!!!!!!! (I am not excited at all....hee hee) It's a bit hard though thinking of leaving my little chickens, it actually brings tears to my eyes!