Monday, June 1, 2009

Palm Springs.

On Wednesday, Travis and I hopped on a plane and headed south to Palm Springs. The kiddos stayed behind with Grandma, so we were kid-free for 5 days. What to do for 5 days w/out children?? We slept, layed by the pool, took a road trip, ate at fancy restuarants, shopped, golfed and gambled (yes, gambled and we WON...a lot)! At dinner our last night at La Spiga...the BEST italian food!!! It was such a romantic setting. We ate ourselves silly this night, it was soooooooo worth every penny spent!
At our hotel before dinner. We had some cocktails outside. We stayed at Rancho Las Palmas. It was a perfect resort and a great central location.
Travis all dressed up heading out to play golf. While he played golf, I worked out and layed by the pool Heaven!!!

On highway 74 overlooking the palm springs valley.

Posing....on our trip back from San Diego. We stopped to take a few pics of the beautiful view. We took a day trip to San Diego, which took a few hours, but so pretty! The road was scary and i think i had a heart attack the entire way.

What's a trip to Cali w/out stopping at In-N-Out?? Travis had never been there. I was good and stuck to my non fat Frozen yogurt. He was annoyed at me that I was taking pics of him eating his burger and fries, so i promised to leave out the action pics. Just looking at this pic makes me hungry.....mmmmmm.

We made a trip to San Diego on Friday. We woke up early...6am early, and ventured over to the beaches. I lived in San Diego for a summer during college, so it was fun to visit again. We started in Solana Beach, then headed south. This was at La Jolla.

Of course we had to stop at Torrey Pines. Travis was so sad he couldn't golf. Travis hit up the pro shop and was just in awe at Tiger's old stomping grounds. Next time!

At the beach in Del Mar. I missed my little munchkins!

Love the beach, too bad the weather wasn't great. Oh was still nice!

Posing outside of our hotel room in front of the super fun Jeep we rented.
It was such a great vacation!! I loved every minute of it, but missed the kids so much!!!


thuriks said...

What an great trip for you guys. I'm so happy for you that you were able to get away. It looks like a blast. You look so pretty & relaxed. Good for you!