Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Afternoon at the Park.

Since we'll be leaving these little twinnies on Wednesday, I want to get as much fun time in with them before we leave. It's going to be so hard, I just can't even start to think about it.

Such a cute pair of twinnies. After the park we had to pick up a few things at Fred Meyer and a woman had come up to us to tell us that she was twin and her mom had had 17 kids and within the 17 kids, 3 sets of twins. Can you just imagine have 3 sets of twins?? Or 17 kids??

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Weekend Update....

I made it 1 night camping.....Cash was up at 5am, we all were up by 6am, then I packed up my stuff, the kids's stuff and we left by 6:15am. Travis brought us home and now I am in the comfort of my air conditioned home, showered, and eating a nice meal, that doesn't consist of a hot dog!

We got to the camping spot around 4pm. The kids had fun playing, got extremely dirty, and wore themselves out. They went to bed perfectly at 9pm in the play 'n pacs, then we sat around the campfire until around 11pm. I FROZE my a*& off last night and even the ear plugs couldn't muffle out the sound of our furnace going on in the camper. Then, at 5am, Cash was up and I woke up with a stuffed nose, sore throat and glands. I told Travis, "If you bring me home, you can come back up and stay." So, him thinking he has a kid/wife free night, drinking Black Velvet and staying up till 4am, of course he jumped at the opportunity.

I enjoyed the 80 degree day playing with the kiddos and now we are eating yummy dino nuggets.....(it's funny to think about how simple my life has become) I only have a few more nights with them before Travis and I are in Palm Springs, kid free for 5 days!!!!!!!!! (I am not excited at all....hee hee) It's a bit hard though thinking of leaving my little chickens, it actually brings tears to my eyes!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We got a new vacation home!!!

Well....kind of. If you consider this badboy to be a vacation, then I guess we did!! It's a 2004, gently used and sparkly clean camper:) It's Memorial Weekend time again and you know what that means in The Gibson household...CAMPING!!
Now that we have children, we definately need this! It's super big inside, really clean, has a bathroom, kitchen, and 3 beds. I am usually not a fan of camping...sitting around a campfire, drinking beer, not showering and eating hot dogs, isn't my cup of tea, but with this and the dvd player inside, I may sing a different tune this year.
I'll keep you posted on how the weekend turns out.....

Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Rewind.

I already feel like this summer is going to go by so fast. We spent this weekend trying to get stuff done around the house. We went to the nursery on Saturday morning and picked out lots of new bushes and flowers to plant in our yard. So, we spent the day doing yardwork..fun! Not really, for those who know me, know I hate yard work. During my yardwork, I was cleaning out and racking out from under a few of our trees and I found $21!! Yea, what a great added bonus! It was so nice out, so I already started on my tan, well it was more of a burn/tan, but it's color and it'll work! Then Sunday, we actually started to organize our garage! For those who have been to our house, know it's quite an accomplishment!!! Anyways.....between yardwork and cleaning the garage we managed to fit in a few fun things to do......
On Sunday we went and helped Brock and George celebrate their 1st birthday. It was 85 degrees outside. The kids loved being around everyone and had soooo much fun!! Here they are trying out all the new presents.
Mommy and Cash.

Presley in her sun hat.

Giving daddy some grass.

Cash and his baseball bat...he's obsessed with bats.

In the wagon....

Then on Saturday, Daddy took the twinnies to our Nephew, Ben's, baseball game. He's a senior at Ellensburg High School and since Travis was a baseball player, he loves to go to the games. He's good about taking the kids, then I have some time to get stuff done. Here is Cash playing baseball (again, he's obsessed) with Cousin Gavin.

More baseball...doesn't he look manly with his binky in his mouth.

Presley enjoys her noise maker, rather than a baseball bat.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day!

It was a relaxing Mother's Day. I got home from Chelan around noon. It was the first time I had been away from the babies for 2 nights in a row. I was so excited to be home and able to hug and smooch them. I took a nap and we stayed in and ordered pizza...i know, i know...I just wanted to do something simple. Travis got me some flowers and a card and a necklace from here http://store.nashelle.com/store/show/n2156. It has both Cash and Presley's name on it. I put the locket he bought me when the babies were born on it also...i LOVE it! Travis also planted some flowers for me in the yard, mowed the lawn and even went to the dump yesterday!! Yea...it's the simple things that keep me happy!!! Travis did such a good job with the babies while I was away. He took them to baseball games, both Friday and Saturday, to the park and they even got Happy Meals from McDonalds.

I am the luckiest mom in the world!!!!!!

Weekend in Chelan

We celebrated Bergen's Bacheloretty Party in Chelan this past weekend. It was such a nice and relaxing weekend and a great way to catch up with friends. Life gets a little hectic now days and it's nice to find the time to all get together. We stayed in my parents condo and we are for sure getting older because it wasn't the wild and crazy time we may have had in the past. We wine tasted on Saturday which was super fun and something I haven't done there yet, since I was pregnant and had newborns for the past few summers. I can't wait for the big day, July 25th!! Bergen...you'll be a beautiful bride!

More Minnesota Pics.....

Here are some more pics from Minnesota....i forgot to download pics from my other camera.... Everytime we go to Minnesota, we stop by my dads old school, Guardian Angels, which he went to from K-12 grade. The twinnies ran up and down the halls and all through the gym. Here is a pic of Cash and I in front of his old basketball trophy and yes, i am still in my pjs....

Cash actually went in the dog cage on his own free will and loved it. I think I should i get one for the house???

Playing baseball....and getting dirty, which I HATE! I know I have to just get used to it...it'll be something that i'll need to ease into.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Snack Time.

Snack Traps or Snack packs...whatever they are called, are the BEST inventions EVER! I always give the twinnies a snack in their cups and if Presley even sees it, she'll scream for it. The other morning, this is what they did after I gave them their little treat. Isn't this the cutest?? They are both sitting on the dog bed, as the doggies beg. So cute. They are just such good little buddies.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Amber's Baby Shower.

Today we ventured over Auntie Ali's house for Amber's shower. Little Macy McCoy will be here in just 5 weeks! We showered Amber with lots and lots of gifts. I forgot how fun little girl stuff is, since EVERYONE I know has boys. Amber and I became friends at CWU and met through Alison. We used to have lots and lots of fun together, so it's fun to see us all as mommy's now! Carol, Me, Shannon, Amber, Erica and Ali. We forgot to take a group pic until the very end, so we weren't able to get everyone in. After the pic was taken, it's obvious that i am in dire need of a spray tan. O' sunshine, where are you?
Cash decided that he was going to first sit on the gifts, then right after this pic, he stood up and danced on the gift. Thank goodness it wasn't breakable.
Ali w/ Carterbug and Presley.

Presley giving Carter lots of love....she's full of hugs and kisses for babies!

Such a handson baby boy!

Mother's Day Came Early For Me!

We finally bought a car that actually fits all of us, our stuff and of course, the dogs! I can actually shut my trunk now when I have my jogging stroller. It's a super stylish mom-mobile!! It's a "09 Lexus GX470. I love her!!!!