Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Random Ramblings....Part Deux.

1. Dinner time with toddlers is my least favorite part of the day. Cash loves carbs and Presley loves protein. There is no happy medium.
2. Yesterday for lunch Cash ate 2 hot dogs, mac and cheese and doritos....i give up on the whole organic meal plan.
3. Paying the cleaning lady is the best money I've every spent....I have a clean house for 2.5 hours.
4. 3 months off from working out.....uggggggg, back on the treadmill. Thank god for breastfeeding, it makes weight fall off even as I indulge in campus-u-tote-em. I just might breastfeed until V is 3....kidding!
5. J. Crew's shipping prices are ridiculous. I paid $17.50 today.
6. I spent last week with 3 sick kids and a sick husband. Why is it the kids are easier to please and take care of combined than the husband?
7. Thank you for shows being back on....I missed you Pretty Little Liars. Yes, I am 31 and I watch ABC Family Channel.
8. I can't believe I am turning 32...I swear high school was just a few years ago, I still can remember what I wore on the first day.
9. Travis bought me new clothes for Xmas, but I can't seem to where anything except for my $10 snowman pjs I bought at Fred Meyer.
10. Snow is over-rated. Big time.
11. The only reason I keep my dogs is because they are great at cleaning up the floor after the twins are done eating. J/K...kinda....
12. I saw Black Swan and wow...Natalie Portman is amazing and I wish I could do ballet.
13. I love the new OWN network.
14. I am excited for 2011. I am lucky. Life is good, I really need to remember that.


Shaina said...

love your ramblings, I can relate to most of them

Abby said...

Seriously.... I love your ramblings so much.

Alexis Gradwohl said...

I read this last week and meant to leave a comment. I love reading them and they always make me laugh and feel better about being a mom. I realize I only have one, but we have the same thoughts!