Wednesday, January 12, 2011


As a SAHM, I pretty much need an IV of caffiene poured into my veins every morning. Before I pee, before I get the baby up, before I tend to the twins, I must make coffee. And every morning I hear Travis complain about our coffee maker, he hates it. I don't mind it because I have other things to complain about, like my carpet (I HATE my carpet), anyhow, the other day I went over to the Smith's house and they were showing me their new coffee maker, a spiffy new fancy Keurig. So, in obvious fashion, I the annoying friend that I am to Courtney (sorry, Court!) who copies everything she does, came home and told Travis about it and SOLD! Got it today and am in LOVE!
Buy it HERE.


Heather Conniff said...

they are amazing, i dont have one, but i've used them and i love the no mess clean up.

Shaina said...

My parents have one and love it! Believe me if I could drink coffee would buy stock in that company tosupport my habit. SAHM+coffee allergy=BIG FAIL!