Saturday, January 15, 2011

3 Day Potty Training Method.

Since the twins are going to be 3 next month, I have decided to get them potty trained before the big day, just so that I don't feel like a failure as a mother. So, I read the ebook, over and over, got the panties, did all the laundry, bought the treats/toys, and I've been talking to them about it all week. The anticipation was killing me. A serious knot in my stomach. I was just dreading it being a fight. Travis thought I was crazy. I told him, that as a SAHM, this to me is like preparing for that big client meeting.

We woke up, had the kids throw away all their diapers and pull ups, changed them out of their last diaper, put the big kid panties on and waited. I think I've said, "Tell Mommy when you have to go potty, OK?" at least 850 times today. But, you know what? It works. Presley hasn't had an accident all day and has peed in the potty about 6 times. Cash, on the other hand has had 3 accidents, but has still done good potty's on the toilet. I am so freaking happy, you have no idea.

So, we are 1/2 done with day one. We still have 2.5 days left, so we'll see. But, this is a start!


Sara said...

Katie, that is great news! I don't know you do it - I was exhausted with just one after 3 days!! But it really worked for us. Sounds like the twins are doing a great job!

The Zdeneks said...

Total blog-stalker of yours.. Creepy, right?? I'm completely normal though, I promise! :)

We did the three day with our oldest and am on day four, as well, with our youngest. I swear this thing works! Yay for you for only having to change one little person's diapers now! Congrats!