Thursday, March 18, 2010

Update in the Gibson House.

Time is just flying by....before you know it, the 5th little member will be here, which I cannot wait for! The belly's growing, but I luckily not that big. Being pregnant with 1 baby is quite easy. I had my appt last week and everything is good. Baby and belly is growing, as I am measuring a perfect 32 weeks. I have gained 16 pounds, which I am sooo ready to get off. The only thing I really have to complain about is that during the beginning of the pregnancy my hair shedded a lot. Then thankfully it stopped. Now it has started again. I go in today to get my thyroid tested, but probably its most likely either a vitamin deficiency or a hormonal thing. So, I have been eating lots of veggies and fruits and trying to not be consumed by this. I know it'll go away, it's just annoying. I hate it!

We went to Seattle this past weekend. Spent some time at Grandma's. Went to the children's museum. Did some shopping. Played outside. Went to a birthday party at Cabella's for the Bagley's little boy Grayson. I had a nice little dinner with girlfriends and got some cute gifts for Baby G. There isn't much I need, just a few necessities, which I was lucky to recieve. So, now we are totally ready to bring little baby home!! Only 7 weeks left.

The weather over here has been nice in the morning/early afternoon, so the kids and I have been playing a lot outside and going to park. The kids have adjusted quite well to the new time change, definataly a lot better than last time!

Travis is busy with work. He's got quite a few home starting in the next few months, so I am super duper happy about that! We are putting our house on the market as soon as the house next door sells. We have picked out property that we are going to buy and we'll live in a rental while we build. Travis's brother Todd is the Varsity baseball coach at Ellensburg High School, so Travis has voluteered himself to be an assistant coach. He has practice everyday in the afternoons and games start today. Cash is obsessed with baseball, so we are looking forward to the games.

Thats our little life update!