Monday, March 8, 2010

The BIG 3-1!

This week is all about 3-1. I turned 31 on Sunday and I am also 31 weeks pregnant! Travis and I were lucky and got the grandparents to drive over and watch the kiddos, while we headed to The Suncadia Lodge for a night. It was perfect. Exactly what I wanted and needed! We had a fabulous dinner, relaxed, watched some good movies "Up in the Air" and "Crazy Heart", had spa treatments, ate a yummy breakfast, then headed home.

Then came home, ordered pizza and watched the Oscars.

Got some fun new shoes, a brand new set of knives (mine were so dull and I've actually already cut myself twice with the new ones), some new pasta bowls and gift cards. Overall, this birthday was a success. I feel like 31 is going to be better than 30. I have officially entered my 30's and feel really good about it. Now....only 8 more weeks and I can pop this baby out!


The Zdeneks said...

Hi! I'm a total blog-stalker and I "stalk" your blog from Natalie Shapiro's blog. :) I hope you don't mind..
I love reading your posts and hearing about the twinnies and how big they're getting! You look adorable by the way!
I have a question, where did you find those sandals? They are super cute!!
Have a great day and congrats on the soon to be newest addition.

Jill Baer said...

That is hilarious that you have a blog stalker...considering you are one too. I hope you had a wonderful birthday Katie. You look so pretty. I am so proud of you!!

The Gibson's said...

Soo funny! It's ok...i am a total blog stalker too!! Not the creepy kind, I just would rather be on the internet than cleaning my house:) Thanks about the shoes...i love shoes! The shoes are from Nordstrom. The wedges are Tory Burch and the other ones are Sam Edelman.

The Gibson's said...
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The Zdeneks said...

Oh, I hope I'm not coming across as the creepy kind! I would rather be on the internet too than keeping up with my house.. ugh! :)
Love the wedges!!! AND Love Tory Burch!
I forgot to mention earlier, happy 3-1!