Thursday, March 4, 2010


I know, a lot of pics of the twins eating dinner....Travis took them and I just think they are so cute. Feeding the twins is a somewhat challenging task. They both have such different tastes, that it's a rare occasion that I find something they both like. Cash likes waffles and pancakes, where Presley doesn't, she likes omlettes and yogurt. Cash likes chicken strips, where Presley like cheeseburgers. It's seriously a neverending battle. Speghetti nights, I hit the jackpot, they both eat it. One thing however they love......french fries. The double arches are a hit in our house!

Presley of course has her binky close we rarely go without. I know I should take it away, but I figure it gives me so many quiet moments, why mess up a good thing?
We finally did away with the high chairs! I am sooooo happy about.


trish said...

They are sooo cute! It looks like they are having a GREAT time at the dinner table :)