Monday, March 1, 2010

Luca Turns "1"!!

We had Luca's 1st birthday party on Saturday. Luca is my aunt/uncle Craig and Aissa's little boy. He is truly a miracle baby and the celebration was a big success! It was held at Sacred Heart in Bellevue and then a 2nd party at my dad's house. Unfortunately we couldn't make the party at my dad's...we had too much to do for the twinnies party.
Cash deperately wanted to go swimming where people are baptisted. He's was obsessed. Funny story about his outfit.....I told daddy to get him dressed and handed Travis his outfit. This is what he came up with, which is actually pretty cute, but the polo shirt was supposed to be under the button-up. It was too much effort to undo it, so luckily it turned out good. This is what happens when daddy's are put in charge of getting kids have to be SUPER specific!

Little Luca, who was dressed in the most adorable Janie and Jack outfit, with Craig and Aissa. Aissa is a saint. She is my hero. Really. They have 5 kids and make it look so easy. It's incredible. Not to mention that their kids are as close to perfect as perfect can be!!