Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I got the kiddos haircut today. They did a great job....after giving them lollipops. The outcome is a very handsome little man and beautiful little lady.
I know, she seems like she has a binky (they refer to them as "me me's) in her mouth at all times, well....it's because they are. I refer to them as plugs and it saves my sanity, so with that said, if they want to suck on those "me me's" forever, I'll let them, especially now that drinking wine is out of the question.

I cut all her cute little curls off in the back, but it needed to be cleaned up since she's only had her bangs cute. Now it's a little bob. I think I'll keep it like this, maybe a bit longer to go in pigtails.


Meghan said...

CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love her bob!

Shaina said...

Love the new Do's! Emmett got his 6th haircut today and he is only 13.5 months... he has hair for days!