Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2nd time around.

Just a little info about the bomb I dropped a few days ago. It was just that. A bomb. Dropped. On me. A surprise and definately an unplanned pregnancy. I was on the kitchen floor crying, talking to my dr's nurse, while Cash was petting my head. "What the hell am I going to do?" I was thinking. The twins will be just 2 year and 3 months when the baby is born and what if there is 2 babies in there? All those thoughts were running through my head.

It had been a rough couple of months, healthwise for me, which mostly I am super healthy. I eat healthy, i take vitamins, i excersice regularly, i get sleep, and i hardly drink. Since July I had had the stomach flu (like the puking your guts out just days before my best friends wedding kind of stomach flu), then I had my first migraine (hell...double hell actually) and the the Parvo Virus (the worst and possibly the most annoying virus in history of virus's, which I am STILL recovering from), then just as I am getting my test results saying that my thyroid is normal, i don't have lupus and it's just a case of Parvo.....i think to myself....when was my last period? Then boom! I get the kids dressed and I run to Safeway. The checkout lady told me that she even hoped it wasn't positive for my sake. Come home and take 2 tests. My heart is beating and obviously they are positive. WHAT??

So, I got myself together and was fine after a few hours. Skip a to a few days later, my hair is falling out. Like the kind of shedding that happens after childbirth and I was actually researching wigs online. So, I do the drastic thing and call my hairdresser and go in and tell her to chop it all off. She thought I was crazy, which in this case, I probably was, and then she did it. CUT IT OFF. I like it, kinda. It'll grow. It's hair. Oh well. It's been over a month and has already gotten longer and it's not falling out anymore. Now I kinda know what Britney was feeling like.

Now.....I've gotten used to the idea of being pregnant. I have all the symptoms now. Peeing a million times, big boobs (which is nice bc mine were pretty non-existent prior to being knocked up), feeling sick (only happens in the morning before I eat), hungry ALL the time(as in craving everything BAD...pizza, chocolate cake, mcdonalds, grilled cheese, however I do refrain myself), having the perfect skin (which I love!), long finger nails (lots of nail polishing w/all the new fall colors) and not feeling guilty about not excercising (I still do, i just don't run 6-7 miles, i do 4 and at a slower pace). Overall, it's been good so far.

I had my ultrasound and dr appt last week. There is only 1 baby (yea!!) and has a strong -heartbeat. I talked to my dr about having a c-section again (so much better, my opinion, bc I've never felt a contraction) and getting my tubes tied (NO MORE KIDS). He said I can schedule it at 38.5 weeks (hip hip hooray!) Dr. Larsen is the BEST Dr. ever! Love him. He's a family dr. so we go see him for everything.

Anyways, that's it so far. It'll be a long 28 weeks to go. One baby, it'll be a breeze. I have everything already, so I hardly have anything to get. This will be easy....hopefully!!


Anonymous said...

Katie~ I think what you're feeling is completely normal! And I have to tell you, I admire you so much! Being a Mommy of twins takes an incredible woman! If anyone can handle a third....it's you!Congratulations on the exciting news!!!! What a blessing!