Thursday, October 15, 2009

Coffee Break?

Seriously? I am envisioning this to be me in about 10 months with my soy latte and US Weekly. Joking. This is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over the top. At least it's fashion saavy and strapless.


thuriks said...

OMG I am so pissed I did not know about this hands-free-pumping bra when I was trying to pump 8x a day with the twins. I HATED pumping...this thing might make it more enjoyable. At least you could drink wine while pumping?

Troy and Ashley said...

OMG!!!!! Where can I get me one of those? I like Katie's idea of the wine

Natalie Shapiro said...

I totally need one of those too! So much easier then having to hold on for 15-20 minutes.