Tuesday, April 28, 2009

If I only had 1 baby???

So, Presley decided today that she was only going to take a half hour long nap, so her and I have been hanging out for the past few hours, waiting for Cash to wake up. This is a rare occasion, since I have these two on the same schedule. It's weird. Feeding only one, cuddling on the couch with one, etc. It's so easy!!! I do have to say, I don't feel sorry for all those moms out there with only 1 child, just come to my house for a day, it's chaos. No wonder when Travis gets home, there are toys everywhere, I am still in pjs, and I hardly ever make a good dinner. My life is chaos, however, I love it and wouldn't change it for anything! And to top it off, I actually do want to have more babies. Just 1.


The Cowan Family said...

You should be very proud. You are a amazing mom and your kids are so darn CUTE!

Val said...

Having one isn't too bad but having another when you have a toddler...not easy at all.

thuriks said...

OMG I am so with you. Whenever I just have one it feels like I am getting a break. 1 baby would just be like a little side-kick. Don't you feel like super Mom managing twins all the time?! I do, I feel like I could write a book! I can't believe you are already thinking about number 3...that is so exciting! I think number 3 will be a piece of cake. If you can manage multiples you can manage anything with kiddos!!! You are such an amazing Mommy!