Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Brunch.

Easter Brunch at the club.

Easter Morning.

We had a jam packed weekend full of Easter festivities this past weekend.  Easter morning, the kids woke up and had a egg hunt at my mom's house. 

Easter Egg Hunt.

Saturday we had the annual Easter Egg Hunt at my dad's country club.  The twins were very good at hunting and little Voilet found 2 eggs. 

RIP Nemo.

Well...Nemo, the fish, made it 2 weeks in the Gibson house.  Presley was quite traumatized.  I was actually quite sad also.  Travis did the honors in flushing Nemo to fishy heaven.  We're on to Nemo II and so far, he's lasted 2 weeks. 

We've got a walker.

These pics were taken a few weeks ago, but since then Violet started walking.  It's been going on for about 2 weeks now.  Everyday she gets better and better.  I can't believe she's growing up so fast.  In less than 2 weeks she'll be 1!! 

My little Gardner.

I am so excited for my garden this year, so is Presley.  She loves playing in the beds.  Summer can't come soon enough!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Favorite Shoes.

Back before I had kids, I loved high heels.  I wore them everyday and was rarely seen wearing flats.  I love getting dressed up.   I am always on the hunt for something new to add to my wardrobe of comfy, kid-friendly clothes.  So, these are my new favorites!!

 I am tired of Toms.  So, these are the perfect alternate.  Comfy and cheap!

Also, Jcrew.com is having a great sale...additional 30% sale and free shipping!  Wahoo!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

krispy kreme.

Breakfast of champs...right?  Bought these right after my 6am bootcamp class....makes sense right?  I was good and didn't eat any.  I also made the kids eat fruit and soy sausage before they dug in.

Friday, April 8, 2011

My little fisherman.

Cash gives me a run for my money.  He's such a handful, I don't even know where to begin.  But when I watch this, my heart melts.  He's growing into a little boy.  

Friday Gab.

  • Did anyone watch American Idol last night?  What is up with Iggy Pop?  He's an obvious reason why people should not do drugs.  I was so surprised that Pia got sent home.  I voted 15 times the night before for Scotty, Paul and Allison.
  • I made this for dinner last night, which I got from her blog.  Delicious!! Go to her blog and read how her and her husband met.  Such an amazing story.
  • I found a empty box of lemon girl scout cookies behind the couch this morning...I found Cash's stash.
  • We spent the morning at the park today with a few mommy friends and kiddos.  The sun is shining and am loving it.
  • The swingset is still on the front porch, in boxes.
  • I am still sore from Wednesday. 
  • My new goal is to get the laundry room organized.  I haven't folded laundry for 2 weeks.  We've just been rotating the same clothes.  Travis stays up till 3am to work, but I can't seem to fold laundry.  I fail.
  • Date night tomorrow...so excited!!

Presley the Photog.

Presley took my camera today and here are a few of her snapshots....

Isn't being a Stay-at-home mom glamorous?  Minus the black circles under the eye, the rats nest for a hairdo, and the awesome EHS baseball tee...not bad, right?  It's amazing what a little makeup can do....

Baby Vi.

This is Nemo.  He's our new pet.  We love him.  This morning Presley told me she wanted to "Scoop him out and give him a bath."  We'll see how long he lasts in our family.  

Future shopping buddy.

No joke...this is how excited she gets when a toy catalog comes in the mail.  She can sit for hours and comb over every page 10 times, kinda like how momma does when the Jcrew and Nordstrom catalogs come.  We've got some shopping to do for baby V's big bday!

Big Girl.

She's growing up too fast.  I wish I could press pause and keep her at this age forever!  This girl is just like her momma...she LOVES to eat!  She had said farwell to babyfood (she hated it) and now eats whatever we do.  She only has 3 teeth, but does a good job.  So far she loves, yogurt, cheese, soy sausage, french fries, grilled cheese, fruit, black beans, and girl scout cookies!  

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Random Ramblings....Part Tres.

  1. Is it bad to want to put your child on craigslist?  The sad part is, is that I'd think I wouldn't even put a pricetag on him (I am talking about Cash, of course).  I'd list him as FREE!  Even then I'd doubt I'd get any takers.  This child will for sure put me in the looneybin.
  2. So everyone who thinks the "terrible two's" are bad, is obviously nobody that has had a 3 year old.
  3. Can you tell I am having a bad day?
  4. Do not, I repeat DO NOT feed your child dried apricots if they still shit their pants.  Trust me on this...no need for an explanation.
  5. I woke up at 6am to torture myself at bootcamp.  I don't think I'll be able to get out of bed tomorrow.
  6. Baby Violet is 11 months old today.  (tears streaming down my face).
  7. We finally bought the twinnies a swingset from Costco.  It's sitting on the front porch in 6 boxes with a 96 page manual on how to put it together.....anyone want to come help my poor husband put it together?
  8. Skinnygirl Margarita is my new favorite drink!
  9. Bravo's "Pregnancy in Heels" are you kidding me?  A pregnancy concierge?  24-7, full service mommy concierge. These women who hire her probably don't even take care of their own kids.  I wanted to punch these women through the television.  Seriously.  It's bad. 
  10. Violet at an entire grilled cheese sandwich.  All by herself.  She loves loves loves food, so much she may break out of the 5% for weight.
  11. Nothing says summer more than getting the girls's new Saltwater sandals in the mail.
  12. Speaking of summer.... it was snowing this morning as the bootcamp instructor was making us sprint around the parking lot. 
  13. I am craving some sun and warm weather.  This has been such a terrible winter.
  14. Free Shipping on lululemon.com on ANY purchase....love.
  15. Date night on Saturday.  Wahoo.