Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Gab.

  • Did anyone watch American Idol last night?  What is up with Iggy Pop?  He's an obvious reason why people should not do drugs.  I was so surprised that Pia got sent home.  I voted 15 times the night before for Scotty, Paul and Allison.
  • I made this for dinner last night, which I got from her blog.  Delicious!! Go to her blog and read how her and her husband met.  Such an amazing story.
  • I found a empty box of lemon girl scout cookies behind the couch this morning...I found Cash's stash.
  • We spent the morning at the park today with a few mommy friends and kiddos.  The sun is shining and am loving it.
  • The swingset is still on the front porch, in boxes.
  • I am still sore from Wednesday. 
  • My new goal is to get the laundry room organized.  I haven't folded laundry for 2 weeks.  We've just been rotating the same clothes.  Travis stays up till 3am to work, but I can't seem to fold laundry.  I fail.
  • Date night excited!!


Alexis Gradwohl said...

OMG, I just read the first chapter from that blog... and I LOVE it. Thank you for a new blog! Just what I need, another blog to read!!!

Jen said...

Love, love, love that blog. Wow. Read all 4 chapters this morning and cried my eyes out for ch 1 & 2. Wow.