Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Gap.

I do most of the kids's shopping at Baby Gap. There clothes are just the cutest for little ones. But lately, I've been loving their new denim line for adults. I had to take time off while pregnant, but now that I am back in my jeans I can't wait to go and buy some new pairs. If you bring in a used pair of jeans, they'll give you 30% a new pair and an additional 10% if you are a fan on facebook from Oct. 6th-Oct. 20th. Their jeans are only priced around $69, so that's about $40 or so for a pair of jeans...good deal!


Jill said...

Super good deal Katie. Thanks for the tip. I need new jeans badly; but can't afford to spend $175/pair. Miss you!!!

The Gibson's said...

I actually like Gap jeans just as much as the expensive ones. I can't justify spending the money on jeans when I hardly wear them...i am more of a sweats kinda girl now. Sad:(