Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Best Friends...

One of the luxuries about having twins, is having a built-in playmate. This has been a lot more noticable in the past few months, as the twinnies are truly best friends.
They were willingly walking around holding hands, this was not forced.

Every morning they watch their shows together.

Sleepy Boy

The other morning, we were laying and watching cartoons together and i leaned over to realize, Cash had fallen asleep. He never does this. He was so tired, he spit his binky out...obviously it was nap time.

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Ponies.

The twinnies are spoiled everytime we go to Grandma's. She couldn't resist these ponies from Costco. Of course you can't just buy one for them to share, they each need one. We had just gotten home and they couldn't wait to ride them, so hence the pics outside.

**notice my brother's dog in the background....he's doing his business. Also, sorry for the glare, I am obviously not a photographer.

Remlinger Farm.

We spent the past week over in Seattle, since Travis was hunting and working. Luckily, Travis drove over on Friday to spend the weekend with us before he set off on another week long trek in the mountains. We spent Sunday at Remlinger Farms, which was a HUGE hit. The twinnies got to ride their first roller coaster and pet animals.

They held hands the entire time. You would tell Presley to hold Cash's hand and she'd take it very seriously and hold hands with him. Surprisingly, it stuck and they did it without even telling them to. They are such little buddies.

Presley is very into animals right now. She knows all the sounds they make and is just in heaven petting and pointing to the animals.
So fun! October is filled with tons of activities at Remlinger for kids, so we'll definately be back!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blog Funk.

I have been such a bad blogger lately...it's been a pretty intense couple of weeks. I promise to post pics in the next few days.....


I've been sick the past few weeks, with the Parvo Virus aka Fifth Disease. It's not as brutal as it sounds, but it definately was annoying to say the least. I had a rash all over my body, then it slowly moved to my face and palms of my hands and itched like crazy. I had cold symptoms and a mild fever. I waited a few days before going to the dr., but eventually I gave in and went. Luckily, I diagnosed myself, so I knew what was wrong. My dr. was quite impressed actually and told me i'd be great in med school (ya right)..since he knows I always go online to diagnose myself, usually he tells me to NOT do this. Anyways, he had to test me for Lupus also, just to be sure. Test results came back positive for Parvo and negative for Lupus. I also have been shedding like crazy, so I had my thyroid tested, which also came back normal. Anyways, I am back to normal and feeling better. Travis is hunting all week, so I am by myself. Wish me good luck!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rodeo Weekend.

Ellensburg had their annual, "Rodeo Weekend" this past Labor Day weekend. It's huge and soo much fun! All Travis's friends come into town and it's a packed weekend of fun, rodeo, fair, and friends! This year we had the best time. It's so much more fun now that the kids are older. We started off Friday night with a BBQ over at Danes's parents house. Cash found Joe's Harley and LOVED it!!

Saturday, we got up early, took the kids to the parade and went t the fair. My mom came over and joined us. It rained most of the day, but we enjoyed some fair food and the kids LOVED the animal barns. Saturday night, Travis and I met up with some friends for Extreme Bulls and went out that night...so fun!! I got pics, but they are on my other camera.

We woke up Sunday and went to the Rodeo all day and another day at the fair. The twins loved it!! My brother and his girlfriend Julie came over and joined us. We had the best time.

The kids loved the tractor display.

And the carousel...we had to go twice.

This is when we knew what time to go home. They wanted to keep ridin the rides.
Such a fun weekend!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Twinnie Stats.

We had their 18 month check up last week. It went well. Both kiddos are doing everything right on target.

Presley: Weight 23lbs (30th percentile)
Height 31 in. (30th percentile)

Cash: Weight 26.5lbs. (50th percentile)
Height 33.5 in. (70th percentile)

They are growing. He's a rock. She's a peanut. I love it.

Oh no, here we go again....

In the last month, I've had the stomach flu and a migraine (for the 1st time) and now...right before a super fun filled Labor Day weekend, what do I get...i rash. A full body rash. Oh, and a fever. Seriously. I want to die. I itch and I am covered in polka dots. Seriously. I am an adult, not a child and I have a rash. Luckily, this lovely rash, appeared on Tuesday and it's now Thursday and it is going away. I would love to be drugged up on Benydryl, but I have two toddlers to run after, so that is out of the question. On top of it, Cash has a cold. I try to be a good mom and take my kids to activity museum and parks, but I am starting to think I will never leave my house again. I haven't actually, i haven't left my house since Monday. I haven't driven my car since monday. I have been a hermit. Tonight luckily, i get to venture out and some kid free time with my girlfriends!! Hooray!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Family Pics.

We had some family pictures taken a few weeks back at the country club with my dad and Maureen. Here are a few of the weeks taken behind the scenes...They are constantly on the go....maybe that is where I get all my exercise in, chasing after them?Trying to get a good pic in....at 18 months...it's nearly impossible.

Oh boy....this is a common facial expression from Cashy man.

Action pics. This happens ALL day long!

Handsome boy.

Family picture.