Friday, September 25, 2009

Remlinger Farm.

We spent the past week over in Seattle, since Travis was hunting and working. Luckily, Travis drove over on Friday to spend the weekend with us before he set off on another week long trek in the mountains. We spent Sunday at Remlinger Farms, which was a HUGE hit. The twinnies got to ride their first roller coaster and pet animals.

They held hands the entire time. You would tell Presley to hold Cash's hand and she'd take it very seriously and hold hands with him. Surprisingly, it stuck and they did it without even telling them to. They are such little buddies.

Presley is very into animals right now. She knows all the sounds they make and is just in heaven petting and pointing to the animals.
So fun! October is filled with tons of activities at Remlinger for kids, so we'll definately be back!