Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blog Funk.

I have been such a bad blogger's been a pretty intense couple of weeks. I promise to post pics in the next few days.....


I've been sick the past few weeks, with the Parvo Virus aka Fifth Disease. It's not as brutal as it sounds, but it definately was annoying to say the least. I had a rash all over my body, then it slowly moved to my face and palms of my hands and itched like crazy. I had cold symptoms and a mild fever. I waited a few days before going to the dr., but eventually I gave in and went. Luckily, I diagnosed myself, so I knew what was wrong. My dr. was quite impressed actually and told me i'd be great in med school (ya right)..since he knows I always go online to diagnose myself, usually he tells me to NOT do this. Anyways, he had to test me for Lupus also, just to be sure. Test results came back positive for Parvo and negative for Lupus. I also have been shedding like crazy, so I had my thyroid tested, which also came back normal. Anyways, I am back to normal and feeling better. Travis is hunting all week, so I am by myself. Wish me good luck!


Sara said...

Katie, I'm sorry you were sick! That does not sound like fun, but I'm glad you are feeling better :)

Justin, Jessica, Tyson, Isaiah and now Izzy (Roy too!) said...

Hi Katie,

I got that too last year from my kindergarten students except I didn't get the "slapped cheeks". I had the the aches real bad in my wrists, ankles, and knees plus the rash on my body. Glad that you are feeling better! Did your children get it? I guess it's no big deal...just gross if you think about how you get it!