Monday, August 10, 2009

Carter's Visit....

Alison, Carter, Amber and little Macy all came for a visit. Alison had to escape the Seattle heat and come over to my air conditioned house, which is actually kinda funny, bc she always complains about how my house is so cold...(I always keep it cold, that is how travis and I like it.) Anyways, she came on Wednesday and stayed until Friday. Amber and little Macy (7 weeks) also came for a night, so it was fun to catch up and play with all of our kiddos...gosh how times have changed since our crazy CWU days!!! We went to dinner, went over to Shannons to play in her enormous water slide...actually Cash and I played on the water slide, he had to go down 587 times and i had to go down with was quite fun and I am sure a sight to see, as I go shooting down the slide...sorry no pics of that!:( Carter has the most perfect skin ever! He is always bronzed, just like his momma...i told alison (she's a teacher and has summer off) that I know her and Carter just lay out all day, bc he's super tan.
Carter and Presley...she's obsessed with babies. Loves them, almost a little too much, she's yet to learn to be gentle.