Thursday, August 13, 2009

18 months already??!!

Wow......I can't believe it. The twinnies are now 18 months old. Everyday it still blows my mind. I am blessed...truly blessed. I have 2 unbelievable children, who are turning into amazing individuals and 2 completely seprerate little people. They are so different.

I love them more and more, if thats even possible. Everyday it grows.......

Cash.....he's a stud...such a handsome little man. He's definately not a baby anymore. He's solid muscle. He's super athletic...yes, it's possible at 18 months. He loves sports. He loves bat and balls. He loves to point to things and say what they are. He hugs his momma and is full of kisses. He is a bulldozer and mows over his sister. He loves to go down slides and swing on swings. He still loves his bottle and binky. He has such a perfect little baseball stance. He LOVEs and I mean LOVEs to dance, especially to Poker Face, even if it's in front of people. He is a picky eater and loves McDonalds french fries. He gives everyone hugs, even strangers. He has a bunny that he rubs against his face. He has soooooooooo much energy. He is a perfect little sleeper and napper. He is still my baby and will always be.

Presley.....such a delicate little princess. She's sooooo sweet, but still very fiesty and sassy. She's a biter, but only Cash, it's her defense. She's a peanut, still small. She has a little strut. She loves her dolls. She loves puzzles. She loves to read. She knows all her animal sounds. She gives lots of kisses. She loves to dance and has the perfect little booty shake. She's a eater and will eat everything. She loves to take a sip of my coffee, then says, "mmmmm". She loves animals. She is a perfect little sleeper and napper. She loves Sesame Street. She loves to shop, only if she's not in her stroller. She loves babies, real babies. She hates to get wet. She loves her sand box. She has the biggest and bluest eyes ever. She loves fruit snacks. She's a perfect little car rider. She loves cell phones. If I could have a million little Presley's, I would..she's just perfect.

Happy 18th month's time to start planning the big "2"!