Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Day at the Aquarium!

We spent Saturday afternoon at the Seattle Aquarium and down on the pier. It was such a beautiful day and the twinnies had sooooo much fun!!!
We had to go around the carousel twice. The first time, Presley was screaming because she didn't want to get off. Then we had to go again. She had a smile on her face the whole time! I think she might be a future pony rider.
Cash loved anything he could put his hands in. He was actually getting frustrated because he couldn't get his feet in also.

Cash was a handful, to say the least. Note to self...before I go again, must buy leash for Cash. He's a terror. I had a man come up to me and told me that he thought Cash would make a great future running back, since he's so good at weaving through crowds at full speed. I can see that!!

She LOVED the exhibits and had to point and look at everything!

After, we had to get some fish 'n chips. Presley LOVES food and she was such a good little eater. She actually likes fish.

Cash doesn't like fish, but he loves french fries. His favorite is tarter sauce to dip his fries. He actually dips his fingers in, then licks them....gross.


Heather said...

love the picture of you holding cash, while he's doing a famous backbend! fun day!