Wednesday, June 3, 2009

a day in the sun.

We've been enjoying this amazing weather! We spend the afternoon's outside. My life is rough....i get to do this everyday and I never have to go to a "real" job! Travis came home early from work today because we had to get our blood work done for our life insurance. So afterwards, we all played was another rough day at the office:))

She's already obsessed with shopping. Daddy bought her, her very own shopping cart.

He was trying to drink the water sqirting out of the pool. He is obsessed with the pool and Presley doesn't go near it.

They were fighting over their sand toys. This is a very common occurance. You'd think twins would learn to share...wrong! The don't share and they CONSTANTLY fight over toys. You have to buy two of everything.

She's got the perfect little profile.


Jen Lee said...

Katie your kids are ADORABLE! I just started babysitting 6month old twins for a few weeks for a friend who had to go back to work. My hat is off to you!