Sunday, December 20, 2009

In the Spirit of Giving.

Today we ventured to Yakima to head to Costco. We just needed a few last minute things before Christmas, plus tons of diapers! We successfully made it out with full bellies (thanks to all the samples...twinnies LOVE samples, plus it makes it easy to figure out what they like) and we didn't spend as much as I thought we would. As we were leaving and heading to Red Robin (which was a 30 minute wait so we didn't end up going) we passed by this guy holding up a sign, "I am not a bum. I am a laid off brick layer who is a single dad with 3 kids." He was nicely dressed and very clean cut, standing out holding this sign in the freezing cold rain. It was heart breaking. I can't imagine not being able to provide for my children. We pulled over and I ran and handed him $30. He graciously thanked me and had tears coming from his eyes. I got back in the car and lost it, bawling. I am forever grateful for my life and my family. I am thankful to have such a hard working husband who provides such a wonderful life for me and my children. I just have to remember this because at times I like to feel sorry for myself.