Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We've been hit!

As in hit with the stomach flu. Presley finally got over her's and is on the mend, but Cash started throwing up last night. Of course, just as one is better, the other gets sick, right after he had a bad cold.

I haven't left the house since Sunday unless to go to the dr. I am dying here. I must get some Vitamin D in me. I am turning into a ghost.

This little blog of mine is my only outlet as I feel my life has turned into a downward spiral of shitty diapers and projectile vomit. Really? I just have to remember the fun times because at this point I feel like when you get pregnant and these beautiful little precious people come out, you don't expect the bad parts. Well ladies, for all of you lucky ones who haven't been subjected to being vomited on, take advantage and relish the moments of solid poops. Seriously!

Travis and I are headed to Portland next weekend for some R & R and it can't happen any sooner. If he begins to get after my shopping as I may splurge and buy myself a hangbag, I am just going to make him remember these past few days. I am in dire need of a spa day. Since I can't drink the bottle of wine that is making my mouth salivate, I am going to settle for McDonalds. Yep, I am pregnant and loving every minute of stuffing my face!

Now, off to change diaper # 568 today and watch Monsters, Inc in bed with the sickies......

**Oh, this week will be filled with posts with NO pics. I'd rather remove all memories of this week from my mind....remember baby #3 is on it's way and I have to be excited and all I do think to myself is, "What the f&^% did I get myself into?"