Friday, March 18, 2011

New addition to the Gibson Family!

Her name is Kelsey.  She's our new babysitter!  I finally did it.  A few weeks ago, I put an ad on cwu's job board, looking for a babysitter.  I wanted to find a Freshman, someone who could be with the kids for a few years.  I got tons of response, probably about 50+ resumes, narrowed it down and found Kelsey! 

This week was her first week.  She worked on Monday and Wednesday from 3-6, then she'll come again this Saturday, so Trav and I can have a date night.  It was wonderful.  I went to the gym, had a great workout, then ran some errands.  This kids loved her.  Presley walked around on Tuesday following our cleaning lady, telling her all about her new babysitter.  She also was telling the lady at the jewelry store about her too.  After Kelsey left on Monday, Cash was talking about how pretty she was...he must have a new crush! 

Anyways, it's such a nice relief!  She'll definately become a regular in the Gibson household.. Mama needs a break, especially since Travis is working crazy hours and coaching baseball.  I feel like I am alone most of the time.  He leaves early in the morning, then doesn't come home until 7pm, helps get the kids to bed, then back to work at 8pm until 3am most nights.  Poor guy. 


Alexis Gradwohl said...

You got me worried there for a minute... I thought you were talking about another Gibson baby! That's great news! Congrats for babysitters! Mine is home from WSU right now and I've used her several times this week.