Thursday, March 10, 2011


I feel like sometimes it's easy for me to forget that I have a life outside of my children.  So, for my birthday, Travis and I did our annual trip up to Suncadia to celebrate my birthday.  I spent my first night away from Violet.  I just find it so hard to be away from her.  She's growing so fast, I feel like if I am not with her, I'll miss some milestone that I'll never beable to witness ever again, since she is my last baby.  We got massages, sat in the spa, sipped champagne, at a delicious dinner at the winery, went to The Brick, ate breakfast in bed, and watched movies.  I love my alone time spent with Travis.  I couldn't drive home fast low and behold, I scooped Violet up and POOF another tooth popped through when I was gone!  Her top tooth is now peeking through.  See...I leave for one night.  I've only been 32 for 4 days, but I can tell you, it's my favorite year so far.  I feel contentment.  I am exactly who I want to be. 


kim said...

So happy to hear you enjoyed your night away. You're a wonderful momma, glad you soaked up all the alone time;)

Ali said...

You looked so pretty lady! Love you, glad you had a happy b-day. Birthdays are celebrated a little differently then they use to be back in our prime!