Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ramblings from a bored housewife.

  • It's so annoying when you cut a apple and sit down to eat it, only to find out it's gross. All that time was wasted cutting it.
  • Spend $1.08 on popcorn when you first get to Target. It allows you a good 30 minutes of quiet shopping time when your with 3 kids.
  • You can make just about anything in a crock pot.
  • Egg Nog lattes from Starbucks are worth every penny.
  • Sitting on my butt during naptime is waaayy better than running on the treadmill.
  • Sleeping in the middle of the bed by yourself is way more comfy than sharing it with a husband.
  • Modern Family is the best show on TV, aside from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Camille Grammer is ridiculous.
  • Hunting season is my least favorite time of year.
  • I haven't had my hair dyed in 5 months.....isn't that ombre look popular right now?
  • I can't wait for Burlesque.
  • I am on my 2nd (big) bag of mint m&ms....they are heavenly.
  • Violet started army crawling.
  • I am eagerly anticipating for one of my best friends to become a mother for the first time. I can't wait for her to experience to best feeling EVER! I don't think you really know what it's like to be in love until you have a child.
  • I am secretly jealous of Kate Middleton.
  • Ryan Reynolds...damn, why can't I be Scarlett Johansen.
  • I find it bit of coincedence that Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey both got engaged within a week of each other. I felt a bit nostalgic and busted out the show ever.
  • Cash woke up from his nap and instead of coming out and saying, "what's up mom" as he usually does, he walked out with no diaper on. I asked him, "where is your diaper?" He replied, "I took it off and went poops on the floor." I went into his room and sure enough, there was poop on the floor and then he started to point to my bedroom and tell me he pooped in my bedroom also. do I applaud him for not pooping in his diaper and his honesty?

Anyways, that's it.


Jen Lee said...

Love it. As a fellow bored housewife I had to chuckle. Target popcorn has bought me many pleasant trips to Target. Hope you survive Hunting makes me thankful my husband is not a hunter!

Shaina said...

Can I add the Rachel Zoe looks ten years younger now that she has gained some baby weight? thinking she needs to keep about 10lbs after she has the little bean! and yes, I will be trying the Target popcorn trick - if it works for you with three kiddos it has to work for my one!

LEC said...

I love your rambles and especially the story about Cash. Too funny...oh the joys I have to look forward to! xo