Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trick or Treat Video

Twinnies Trick or Treat Video.

Watching this cracks me up. As I've said before, they fought over who would ring the doorbell. Also, the doorbell wasn't working, so Cash's answer to everything that doesn't work is, "It needs batteries." Hilarious. These little twinnies make me laugh. Everyday.


Jill said...

Jax loves the video...he keeps on saying, "watch kids." I can't stop laughing about the part when Travis looks in the window and films the bulldogs.

Sara said...

Love the videos Katie! The twins are so funny!

Heather said...

SNAP that the 1st house you went too, they weren't home - you'd think they'd at least leave candy on the doorstep. Dying laughing when they were fighting over the doorbell and sissy just screamed at cash. They are growing up WAY too fast.