Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Vi's Announcement

Welcome to our family Violet Olivia. I just got these announcements done for baby V. I wanted to wait until she was a bit older, so I could get some really cute pics of her. I love them!
Kim Charie did the photos, which turned out so amazing. I'll post some later. If anyone needs family pics done, she's your girl!

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Truth.

So, truth be told...I first came up with the name Violet from Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's adorable little daughter, Violet. As I was telling my mother in law about what name we were thinking about, she told me that her grandmother's name was Violet. Well, it seemed perfect. I also love me some celebrity gossip. I love Thursday's when US Weekly comes to mailbox and on Friday's when People arrives. So another little secret, I came up with the name Cash from Jessica Alba's husband, Cash Warren and Presley is the name of Cindy Crawford's son, which I think is a better girl name, than boy. Screw baby name books, just open a US Weekly.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Joys of Motherhood.

Being a stay at home mom is anything but glamorous......I just have to get through 1 day at a time. Everyday seems to have its obsticles:

  • Tantrums-this is Presley's department. Usually lasts about 15 minutes of uncontrollable sobbing and snot running down the nose. I have gotten pretty used to just ignoring her.
  • Lots of shitty diapers and I mean LOTS. Is there a potty training guru around? Because I am almost tempted to empty out my savings account to pay for one to come into my house.
  • An injury which requires bandaids (on a daily basis with boys...thank heavens for Cars & Dora bandaids). Today took the cake on this....On Tuesday I had my carpets professionally cleaned, they are cream and we were idiots when we bought this house. Anyways, Cash stubbed his toe and ripped the skin off the front part of it and it was bloody. So, today he was playing soccer in the living room and later I came into the living room to find hundreds of red dots all over my floor. I screamed, not at Cash, but just in horror bc I had just spent a few hundred dollars getting it cleaned. I frantically ran for my trusted bottle of Folex (it's the BEST cleaner) and it ran out, so I had to pile all the kids in the car and run to Fred Meyer for another bottle. call came out.
  • $10 late fees for library books. I get late fees on everything. But, $10 for library books, seriously.....
  • If I were to get a $1 for every minute spent searching for binky's, blankies, shoes and bunnies (their prized stuffed animals), i'd use it for a nanny so I could go to The Tav and drink pitchers of Blue Moon in the afternoon.
  • 150 is the number of hairs I am loosing on a daily basis due to all the crazy hormones you experience after child birth...thank god the tubes are tied and I NEVER have to do this over again.
  • I am so happy that my husband bought me a brand new Lexus after the third child was born so that my 2 year old can kick the seats with their muddy shoes and spread their crumbs everywhere. Travis tells me to go and vaccum it out, like I really have time for that? And where do I put the kids while I am doing so?
  • I think I clean my kitched 80 times a day, vaccum at least once a day, and I have at least 3 loads of laundry in piles all over my laundry room. I am so glad I spend money on a house cleaner, because from the look of my house, you'd NEVER know...wait, the toilets are at least clean because the kids AREN"T potty trained yet!
  • I am so happy that I spend the time to cook my kids meals because they NEVER eat them. Cash decided that he wasn't going to eat his lunch the other day and instead while I was feeding Violet managed to climb into the pantry and devour 3 rice crispy treats and 2 cookies. I guess you can live on junk food.
  • Whoever said that kids shouldn't watch TV, obviously doesn't have any kids. Nick Jr, I love you! I was in shear panic the other day when I went over to my sister-in-laws house and she didn't have Nick Jr.
  • Oh, shower and makeup and cute outfit, what's that?? Oh, i take that back, I shower, but that is as far as it goes.
  • Thank heaven for tubal ligation. It was the best $150 ever spent!!!

Actually, despite all of this, being a stay at home mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me. My kids are my life and I have to remember to enjoy every moment because it goes by so fast. The twins just turned 2.5 years old this month and Violet is almost 4 months. That part makes me sad.

Seriously folks...we need more credit. I told Travis I should be getting paid at least $150k a year for my job and wanted to know when my paychecks will start arriving? I made $215 doing a yard sale with my SIL last Friday and the sad part was, is that is the most money I've made in 3 years. Travis told me to keep it and spend it on whatever I want!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Workout.

I was up at 6:30am this instead of turning on The Rachel Zoe Show I had dvr'd from last night bc I went to bed at 8:45pm, I got suckered into a infomercial. Literally suckered in bc I went to the website and will be making the 3 easy payments for P90X. I have done a few of the DVDs before and I remember they were a good workout, so i am excited to do it regularly.
Now that I have lost all the baby weight, my body doesn't look the same. I have been running regularly since 6 weeks and between that and breast feeding, I've lost it all but, now it's time to tone up. Hopefully this will do the trick!
Has anyone used this before??

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A few of baby v.

She obviously wasn't very happy helping Mom fix Cash's train....

Smiling. So happy.

Bathtime! She loves her baths!

I want her eyelashes. She's 15 weeks. I makes me sad how fast it goes. So far, she's the best baby EVER!

tres kiddos.

Holy cow, i have 3 kids. Yes, it still amazes me, actually it terrifies me. 3 kids under the age of 3. So, for those of you who only have 1 or 2 kids...when your having a bad day, think of me....I promise you'll feel better! But when you snag a photo like this, of them being sweet, I am so thankful to have 3. They are are amazing.
Seriously...can they get any cuter?


This girl loves her tutus. I can't wait for her to start dance class next year. Having a girl is so much fun, so glad I get to do it again with Violet. I am sure i'll be taking back my words when I have 2 teenage girls.


boys are always into something. the other day, cash was screaming bc he was stuck. i came running in to find him like this...stuck between the couch and the wall. so, instead of running to help him, i grabbed my camera bc i was laughing, it was so funny. i eventually rescued him, so i promise i am a good mom.


Ellensburg had a little parade to kick off Rodeo weekend. Here is a pic of them enjoying their first donut....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Big Eyes.

I love her eyes. She has the longest eyelashes and she's only 3 months....I am so jealous! We are trying to work on the tummy time and rolling over, but she does not like it. She's just content with me holding her....24 hours a day.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Some more favorites.

I know weird..... I am posting about carpet cleaner but, this is the BEST carpet cleaner EVER! I have creme colored carpets, (stupid, i know) so I am a slave to my steam cleaner and Folex. I go through a bottle every month at least. I literally makes stains disappear!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bright and Early

The kids get up early, like 5:30am on a Saturday early. But, when they wake us up that early being this cute, they may just get away with it!

Friday, August 6, 2010

3 months.

Baby V is already 3 months. She's growing like a little weed and I wish I could stop it. I want to keep her little as long as possible! She's still such an amazing baby and I am just waiting for her to turn into a little monster. She's gone a week with sleeping from 8:30pm-5:30-6:30am. She's up for a few hours, then back down for a morning nap, up for a few hours, then back down around 2 for a 3-4 nap. Violet loves to be held, so we spend many hours in the baby bjorn and ergo. I am still enjoying every moment with her and we've yet to have a bad night. I think after having the twins first, God is giving me a break with a perfect infant. I thank him each and every night!
We've been so busy lately, where has the summer gone? With Travis working crazy amount of hours (not getting home until 9-10 every night, so basically I feel like a single mother with 3 kids ALL day) we haven't done much, but yet I feel like every weekend flies by, we're still having fun though! Only a few weeks until Rodeo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps. Does anyone love Snooki as much as I do?

Crazy Twins.

Travis was playing around with the camera and took these of the twins this morning.....they look like raggamuffins....but cute raggamuffins!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


It's finally time to make the switch to big beds for the twinnies! I am been trying to find the perfect bedding for them. I finally found what I was looking for!
Here is a pic of Presley's bedding. I got it from The Land of Nod. I got it all today and I LOVE it! Cash's bedding is red and has baseball, soccer, basketball, and footfall players all over it. So, hopefully this weekend we can go get the kid's mattresses and get them settled to big beds and then little Violet will finally have a crib.