Friday, August 6, 2010

3 months.

Baby V is already 3 months. She's growing like a little weed and I wish I could stop it. I want to keep her little as long as possible! She's still such an amazing baby and I am just waiting for her to turn into a little monster. She's gone a week with sleeping from 8:30pm-5:30-6:30am. She's up for a few hours, then back down for a morning nap, up for a few hours, then back down around 2 for a 3-4 nap. Violet loves to be held, so we spend many hours in the baby bjorn and ergo. I am still enjoying every moment with her and we've yet to have a bad night. I think after having the twins first, God is giving me a break with a perfect infant. I thank him each and every night!
We've been so busy lately, where has the summer gone? With Travis working crazy amount of hours (not getting home until 9-10 every night, so basically I feel like a single mother with 3 kids ALL day) we haven't done much, but yet I feel like every weekend flies by, we're still having fun though! Only a few weeks until Rodeo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps. Does anyone love Snooki as much as I do?


Rachel E. Ingalls said...

Your kids are adorable Katie! I was not a Jersey Shore fan at all until I saw the whole season was On Demand so I caved and I've been watching AND love it. I luv the Situation, he's terrible but I can't get enough.

Reeces, Peace and Happiness said...

She is so perfect:)! I need to hold her soon, why and how does time fly by so fast.