Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Toy.

Well, not really a new "toy", but anything that is in this house, the twinnies consider
"toys". A new play n pak arrived yesterday for baby #3. The nursery is complete! It's a traveling nursery on wheels. Immediately the twins wanted to get in. Presley got daddy's phone. She held it up to her ear and said, "Hi, Wubbzy." Wubbzy is the twinnies favorite cartoon, along with Yo Gabba Gabba. I guess Presley and Wubbzy on are good enough friends they talk on the phone.
Presley was kissing the teddy bears. Kids look like ragamuffins...i know. It was a long night. Cash got up with a fever, then Presley refused to go back to bed. Ahhhh...I can't wait for the mornings when they can get themselves up, make themselves breakfast, watch cartoons and allow Mommy and Daddy to sleep in. Just when I think it's getting easier, I have to get pregnant again and it's starts all over again with the night feeds and sleepless nights. This whole parenting thing is not glamourous AT I am sitting here and haven't showered since Tuesday, TMI, I know. Here is proof I am a super housewife: I got up up at 6:30 before anyone, watched Mercy and Millionaire Matchmaker, drank 2 cups of coffee, ate my oatmeal, got the twinnies up, fed, changed and clothed them, got dinner in the crock pot, steam cleaned the hallway, did two loads of laundry, and uploaded pics to my blog...all before 11am and I am almost 7 months pregnant. Whew....I think I am going to take advantage of my spa certificate Travis bought me and book a massage and facial appointment.