Friday, October 26, 2007

Dr. Appt

I had another dr. appt yesterday. I hadn't been for 4 weeks, which I usually go every 2 weeks, so it had been a while. Travis insisted on that he was going, which he doesn't really need to go, because they just weigh me, take my blood pressure, listen to the heartbeats and answer any questions. So, he showed up (20 minutes late, but showed up nontheless) and he's so cute in the appointment because he loves asking questions and he's so involved. It's quite adorable!

So, my blood pressure was a bit high. Nothing to be alarmed about, but something to be aware of. Also, I only gained 2 pounds, which makes 14 pounds so far. My belly measured to be 32 weeks!!! That means my belly is BIG! I am only 23. Obviously it will be bigger because there are 2 babies, but it's starting to get uncomfortable. Dr. Larsen told me that when I deliver I'll measure to be about 60-70 weeks, which is just GIGANTIC!!! Travis couldn't believe it. The dr. said that i'll be like 2 basketballs and that my long torso is a plus to have because it'll give them more room.

Travis and I are having maternity pictures taken. I figure it'll be a really good keepsake, since most likely this will be my only pregnancy. There is a local photographer that takes such amazing pictures. We have an appointment next week to figure out what we are going to do exactly, so hopefully within the next couple months we'll get them taken. Here is the link to his website to check his work out:

I also started water aerobics!!!! Mon-Fri at 10 am. Me and 30 grandma's!! I love it and it's so refreshing and makes my belly feels completely weightless!

I am starting to get a bit bored. But, I am also starting to get more uncomfortable, so it's nice to not have to go to work. Yesterday, I had my dr. appt, then Travis and I went to breakfast, then we came home and he took a nap and I watched cooking shows (my new obsession!) with the dogs. It was a nice morning. Then, I met Travis's sister's and mom for a late lunch to celebrate his sister, Audrey's birthday. I am lucky to have 7 sister-in-law's that are the best!! I love all of them! Especially to be away from my family and friends, it's nice to have them around. So, yesterday was super busy!!! I actually got dressed and put make up on in the moring. This weekend, we are going to organize, organize, organize!!! Get all the stuff cleared out of the babies room. SO exciting!!!!

Anyways, so I PROMISE to put pics up. I know I am bad, but by the time Travis gets home to take them, I am already in sweats and do not want to have my picture taken.