Monday, October 8, 2007

21 Weeks

So, I am trying to post some pictures from this weekend, but our computer is being awful, so it'll take me a while.

I had my dr. appt last week and everything is going well. Just getting bigger by the day it seems. My belly measured 27 weeks, which is about 7 months pregnant and I am only 20 weeks, so my belly is quite big. If I were pregnant with just one baby, i'd just be starting to show, but these babies are getting bigger and bigger. Right now they are about 7 inches and weigh almost a pound each. I can feel them all the time now. It's such a neat feeling. Travis felt one kick the other night for the first time, he loved it. I gained another 2 pounds, which is good, since I haven't been working out.

That is about it. Not really anything to update you all on right now. I am going to start the nursery this month. I am going to pick out fabric for the bedding and window treatments next week with my mom. I know for sure it's going to be 1/2 blue, 1/2 pink, but I am not quite sure on patterns yet.

Anyways, I have been just a little busy bee around the house, trying to get organized before the twinies come. I have actually accomplished quite a few projects! Travis is off hunting for the rest of the month, so he'll be gone a lot, but I'll be busy decorating and shopping:) I feel great. I just feel big. It is horrible to get dressed bc nothing really fits right and you just want to wear sweats and t-shirts, so that is what I have been doing. Luckily the weather here is getting cold! Anyways, off the the gym. I am going to attempt it again this week. I have no idea why though, my body has been taken over........

I miss you all and I will get more pics up as soon as my computer is better.