Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Swim Lessons

I've had the twins signed up for a 2 week session.  It started last Monday.  Cash has been kicked out almost daily because he doesn't listen.  He won't stay on the freaking red line.  What is it with boys?  Omg.  Violet is so sad because she's not old enough (you have to be 3) and I signed up too late for the mommy and me class, which is such a WASTE of time, but she loves it.  I have them signed up for another session in August.  I really want the kids to learn how to swim before we move into our new house because we are going to build a pool.  

Speaking of new house, totally off subject, but we are looking for an architect right now.  We have a few in mind.  Travis will be designing the house himself, but we need an architect to obviously help out with engineering.  The home with have a modern mountain style, with a flat roof, exposed beams/pipes, and  have an industrial feel.  We are leaning towards concrete floors and a garage door in the kitchen/living room that will open out to our outside patio.  It's going to be pretty awesome!  Building will start in Feb, so we can be in by Christmas 2013.  Fingers crossed!