Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

On a whim a few months ago, I booked a trip to Vegas. I wanted to do something fun for Travis's birthday and we've never been to Vegas together, so I figured it'd be fun!  Luckily, some of my oldest BFF's were there also,  Jenny and Logan were staying in the same hotel and Patti lives there.  We had the best time.  We flew in on Friday, shopped, ate and saw a show and pathetically we were in bed at 11pm.  I was exhausted.  We had to be up at 3am on Friday to drive over and fly out.  But, Saturday we were well rested and ready to go.  Travis gambled all day and I shopped all day with Jenny and Patti.  It was so great to catch up!!
 On Friday Travis and I walked the entire strip....all 4 miles. So, I had to get up a immediately go buy some tennis shoes Saturday morning...not the cutest, but definately the most comfy.
 Patti, Rick (Jenny's dad) and I. Jenny and I have been friends since were 2. 

 We stayed at Encore, which is in the Wynn.  An amazing hotel.  Beautiful rooms!!!

On Saturday night, we went out to some clubs. Lil Jon was our DJ and the music is amazing.  Such good people watching and omg....i LOVED every second. Best. Time. Ever!!!


Meghan said...

um holy leather shorts katie! you look hot.
Looked like a blast!

Abby said...

How fun!!! Ross was so close to jumping on a plane to join you guys. He couldn't understand why I had no desire to go...LV clubs while 8 months pregnant. I can't wait for a kid free vacation! I am so glad you guys had a blast, you definitely deserved a weekend away! :)

Jill said...

C'mon Katie...it couldn't have been better than our trip...Bahahahaha!!!!!
(I seriously can't stop laughing just thinking about it)
I'm so happy you got a break the kiddos...and your legs look AWESOME!!!!
Miss you!!!