Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August Favorites!

Dr. Jart is the best full coverage/spf containing moisturizer I've used.  I love it!  Now, that I am getting old, I refuse to look old, so I've been really into improving my skincare regimen.  With the high spf, I don't have to worry about sunscreen.
This was a sample in a previous Sephora package I got.  I used the sample once, then immediately ordered it online.  I use it over my tinted moisturizer, Dr. Jart, and it gives me a good sunkissed color.  It makes my skin feel like satin.  It dries to look like a powder finish, rather than a dewy look.  When I use these 2 products together, I feel like I hardly have any makeup on. 

Foster the People  This entire CD is good.  Love it.  It reminds me of the summer I lived in San Diego going to the Belly Up in Solana Beach listening to music.  Oh, the days where you could just pack up and move to California for the summer because you have nothing else to do.  Ahhhh, kinda missing those carefree days.

Rio is being played on repeat at our house.  Kids are obsessed.  They know the whole movie by heart.  If the movie isn't playing, the soundtrack it.  Super cute!