Monday, July 25, 2011

Life in the Gibson House.

It's been a busy summer so far, that is my excuse for the lack of blog posts.  My other excuse is that I am just lazy and don't feel like taking the time to upload.  And the third excuse is I left my camera at my dad's house that has lots of fun pics.  I finally got a super cool phone.  I've always been a bit behind in technology.  I hate complicated phones.  I really just need to text and call people.  But, since Violet dumped my ghetto circa 2008 phone in a glass of water, I was forced to belly up and get a new phone.  Don't ask me what kind, all I know is I can take good pics, get on the internet and it's super confusing to get any contacts in. 

Travis and I headed to Portland a few weeks ago, with our good friends the Burtnesses.  We ate, shopped, ate more, drank some, and enjoyed no kids for a few days.  It was such a wonderful time.  Travis and Ross had a work meeting, so Abby and I shopped.  Shopping in Portland with no kids and no tax is dangerous.  Abby used to live there and Ross works down there quite a bit, so they knew all the fun places to go.  We had to most delicious sushi dinner ever!  So, it was fun to catch up.

Between camping, Portland, and Chelan, we've been gone a lot.  Today it's pouring down rain and I have so much laundry to get done.  I am having a garage sale this weekend, so I have been piling stuff in garage.  Everything must go.  I am even selling my kitchen table.  We are getting new floors in next week and ripping out all the carpet.  I am so beyond excited!  Also, we are getting some built in shelving in the dining room.

Anyways, all is well.  Kids still drive me nuts, house is still messy and I've yet to shower before 4pm.