Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cougar Mtn Zoo.

On Saturday we went to the Cougar Mtn Zoo in Issaquah.  It's a small zoo, so it's perfect for little kids.  I feel like I could've done it my myself and the kids.  

The kids had so much fun feeding the animals and running around.  A great way to spend the afternoon!

Sundae Sunday.

We celebrated my brother's fiance (Yes! my little brother is getting married!!!!!) Julie's graduation from UW.  Cashy man loves his ice cream.  He's been getting a lot of treats lately because he's almost gone a week without any's probably too early to say he's completely potty-trained, but clearly we are on the right track.  I consider this my biggest accomplishment to day.  Screw the college degree, potty training twins should have some sort of medal/certfication.  Wahooo.....1 child in diapers.  I've never had 1 child in diapers.  Hopefully Violet will potty train at 18 months, that gives me 5 more months of diapers....(let's hope/pray!)

Fun at the Park.

On Saturday we stopped at a park on Lake Sammamish.  We started out at the play toys, however within a few minutes we landed at the water.  Cash thought it'd be super fun to go in the water.  I guess next time we must bring swimsuits!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

1 Year Pics.

 I got Violet's 1 year pics taken on Saturday.  I just wanted to get some studio pics of just her, in her birthday outfit.  We'll be getting family pics done hopefully next month.   She did quite well, however at the end, she was getting sick of getting her picture taken.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Angry Bird.

I am addicted.  So addicted that this tee shirt showed up on my front door.  Thanks Monica!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life As I Know It.

I love talking to my mommy friends comparing stories of how we fail as parents.  I like to give the impression that I am "super mom"...doesn't everyone?  You look at people's blogs and you think...."oh, they look like they have such a perfect life.  She looks like such a good mother." etc.  I do it all the time.  Looking at Enjoying the Small Things. , makes me so envious.  She looks like a perfect mom.  I want that.  I want play dates at the Isle of Capri and I want to play in her pool everyday.  The other night, I was looking at her blog on my new super cool Ipad (EVERYONE should buy one!) anyways, Travis asked, "Why do you think she is so cool?"  I just said, "She just looks like she can do it all.  I want that!" 

I have good days and I have bad days.  Like last week for example, was 5 days of BAD a row.  Bad days that included a dog eating my retainer, which led to a orthodontist appointment with 3 kids, then the dog vomitng in my car.  I literally pulled the car over and threw her out of the car, so she wouldn't puke on my leather interior.  I did this 4 times on the way home.  That same night, I accidently left her outside all night.  Ooops.  Poor Lucy. 

Cash is still a potty training mess.  And by mess, I mean he shits his pants EVERYDAY.  So, how the hell do I clean that up?  I just throw the underwear away.  It's so annoying.  Where as Presley doesn't even wear pull ups to bed and she's only had 2 accidents.

I finally broke down and put the twins in the Fred Meyer daycare  It's such a fabulous idea.  I got to grocery shop in peace.  It was lovely.  The next day they both had 103 temps and Cash vomited all over his bed.  But I still think it was worth it. 

So far this morning Cash has eaten, yogurt, cereal, 2 pieces of pb&j toast, grapes, strawberries, 3 nutrigrain bars and a bowl of cheeze its....I guess that is probably why he poops his pants.

Presley and I spent a hour last night dancing to The Temper Trap in the kitchen.  I love these moments.  I love our daily dance parties! 

I started working out with a trainer 4 weeks ago.  She's amazing.  I see ab muscles again.  It's nice to be told what to do for my workout.  It's my "free" time.  I have actually been enjoying being in pain when I wake up in the morning.  It's hard to get your body back after babies.  With Violet, I breastfed for a year and that just doesn't allow you to tighten up as fast.  I dropped the weight fast, but I really needed to tone up.  So, I started with boot camp on Monday and Wednesday's at 6am, then I started seeing Lindsay on Thursdays.

Anyways, the summer is going to be busy.  I can't wait!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Celebrating with Wine!

A few weeks ago, we celebrated my sister-in-law Shelley's, 40th birthday.   We rented a bus and went from winery to winery in Tri-Cities.  They have some amazingly beautiful wineries and we've decided to make it an annual event...maybe even inviting the boys next time!!  So much fun!  It was a nice way to celebrate and spend some much needed time away from the kids.  I know I say it all the time, but I am so lucky to have married into such a great family!

Striking a Pose.

Presley loves to pose.  You say "pose" and she immediately puts her hand on her hip.  She's a future model.  Travis took the kids camping this weekend.  He only snapped a few pics, so here they are.  Getting cozy in the camper. 

  I went into V's room the other day and she was trying to pet Lily.  Violet is obsessed with the dogs.  She tries to pet them and they bite her.  Not a real  bite, more of a warning bite, then they lick her.  It's quite funny.
This is her banner from her party.  I hung it up in her room. 

So, your probably thinking if Violet is an only child...well, she's the only child who lets me take her picture. 


She's feeding herself.  It's a mess and makes her sooo happy! 

Crabby Hat.

My mom went to the east coast and brought home V a little crabby hat.  It's the cutest little sun hat.  We had a week full of sunshine and spent many hours outside:))  Instead of drawing with the chalk, V ate the chalk.  She eats everything!  Just the other day, she picked up a dead spider and was starting to put it in her mouth and Cash took it from her saying, "No baby Violet!"  He's such a good big brother!