Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Camping Fun.

*I put the pics in backwards.....
Travis took the kiddos camping this weekend, while I stayed behind to head over to the Nordy's sale w/ some friends. They were the best little campers, according to dad. I think just by looking at the pics, you can tell they had a blast. A blast meaning, no mommy there to say "no" or to keep them away from getting dirty...I am still getting used to them "getting dirty."
At least daddy brushed their teeth, but just take a look at Presley's pjs.....it's quite obvious that daddy dressed her.
He also gave them a bath!!! Look at how perfectly they fit into the tub in our camper....two peas in a pod!

Busy getting dirty and being a big boy...

Busy little campers...notice her outfit again..????

This is the best pic from them all.....DIRTY!!
Overall, they had sooooo much fun!!! When they came home on Sunday, Presley ran through the door to me and gave me a huge hug. I love it. They missed me!! I missed them!!!